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on Tuesdays, gangbangs, orgies and cocktail nights. The Berlin Swingers and Gangbang Guide. If you want to get your kink on, be sure to check them out. Looking For Something Different? The club is equipped with condoms, lubricants and sex toys in addition to the whips, ropes and swings available in their bdsm areas. Prices vary depending on the night with discounts being available with reservations or being an early bird (arriving in the first hour of opening Day.

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This popular club attracts plenty of local swingers to keep numbers. Let us know your thoughts and reviews in the comments below. Drinks are included within this cost with the exception of champagne and cocktails. Mitten in Moers, direkt im größten Ballungsgebiet in Nordrhein Westfalen direkt an der A4 ist ein kleiner. Club mit tabulosen Girls zu einer Legende geworden und erstahlt in neuem Glanz. Die besten Girls im Ruhrgebiet und Niederrhein, vollkommen tabulos und alles ohne Gummi. Heutiges Team: Tel.: oder, kontaktformular. Zwanglos III Gneisenaustraße 10, 10961 Berlin The oldest swingers club in Berlin, Zwanglos is situated just a 1km walk south of the Kreuzberg district, renowned for its trendy nightlife, bars, clubs and cafes. The lgbt community are also active at the club. The club has plenty of playrooms both public and private as well as whirlpool and spa plus fetish and bdsm zones, club la luna swingeroase berlin dark rooms and party areas.

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